"I think Natalie Portman said something brilliant about modern-day female action heroes, about how even though they’re strong you need to also see the messiness of everyday life, that complexity. Even with Peggy Carter … Can we see her have a really shit day, put her pyjamas on and eat loads of ice cream and weep into chick flick? Can we have her be neurotic, hysterical, funny, depressed and all those things that we all relate to that aren’t regularly depicted because they’re not seen as sexy or comfortable for men to watch and masturbate over?"

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Don’t you know? Life is a fight.

#the 100  


Académie Nationale de danse et de ballets

Paris 1928


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I Don’t Know Who I Am, But I Know I Am Yours" Juliane Gruner By Benjamin Vnuk For SSAW Scandinavia Autumn/Winter 2014

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Dimas Melfi

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show me that you’re human, you won’t break


0086b, 0086c, 2011.
Ashley Goldberg

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Derivatives, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, 2013.

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