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Caroline Dhavernas @ SDCC ‘14

“The Fannibals — fans from Hannibal — are so adamant about showing us their love and appreciation, and it’s really nice to finally meet them. I received a little Alana doll today, I mean…that’s never happened before, so I’m really grateful to be meeting them.”

You’re a monster! You’re not a man. Whatever you once were, whoever you were, they trained it out of you. No feeling, no humanity—you may as well be dead.

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Degas’ photographs of his ballerinas

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Title: Not Mine to Love Artist: Slow Club 34 plays

Slow Club - Not Mine To Love

but you will never be / easily with me
i make it hard for you to live the life you choose

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18th century calico designs by Irish artist William Kilburn (1745-1818)

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On the edge of experience, Wanda Koop

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