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make me choose → highgaarden asked: Dan Egan or Amy Brookheimer

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He was thirsty. He died of thirst.

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Peggy Carter's Captain America: The First Avenger costumes design (by Anna Sheppard and illustrated by Darrell Warner) from L’Art des Super-Héros Marvel (Art Ludique - Le Musée)

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Title: Roar (Katy Perry Cover) Artist: Prides 32 plays

Prides - Roar (Katy Perry cover)

Title: Palace Artist: The Antlers 1,032 plays

you were simpler,
you were lighter

when we thought like little kids

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We’ve all been trained to use everything we have to accomplish our mission. I know how difficult it is. That’s all I’m saying. I sympathize.

Do I seem like I need sympathy?

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The Leftovers Official Teaser [Coming to HBO: June 15th]

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