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Porto Venere Church | By John Greim | Porto Venere, Italy

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i’m glad of what keeps me afloat

we don’t have the mountains here
no ocean views, no hemisphere
but all of us will volunteer
our hearts to make your vision clear



It’s all very well to order myself to tell the simple truth, but everyone’s version of the truth is different, and mine is no doubt even more peculiar, protracted and personal than most…

I have to go now to help Jocko. We are sharpening hayforks to use as weapons, because the Milford LDV (now called the Home Guard) only has two rifles to share between fifteen men. Barnes says they should use Estella as an attack pig. Aunt C has given them her opera glasses, so that the lookout can see if the Nazis are coming. If he sees any, he will give the signal, and we will put up our roadblocks and throw petrol bombs at them.



P.S. If you haven’t bought my birthday present yet, I would quite like a single-barrelled shotgun and a box of cartridges. I would share it with the Home Guard, of course. Otherwise, I would like a new fishing net with extendible handle.

The FitzOsbornes at War